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Week 8 – Thing 8 iGoogle

Posted on: 1, November 2008

This week’s task is to create an iGoogle page. I have had an iGoogle page for a while but I very rarely look at it. I can see that it could be useful but it just doesn’t grab me as “a must have”.

But, I am in the race for an iPod –  so onward I will go.

I like the Buddhist quotes that I have on my iGoogle page. Unfortunately you have to click on each date before the quote opens.

I have added Google maps and am now looking for the Google Book Search gadget.

The currency converter gadget is good and I like being able to have links to two of my accounts. I LOVE!!

I have been trying to take a screen shot of my iGoogle page but my Mac skills aren’t developed enough for me to perform that skill!! I have been doing a net search for Mac tips and have discovered a way to take the screen shot but it won’t paste into this blog and it won’t paste into a Word document. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have mastered it.

A few days later …….. I have worked out how to take a screen shot and then insert the file into my blog. Here is the screen shot –


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Twenty four hours later and I have discovered that the screen shot/s I took of my iGoogle page have appeared on my desktop. Well, it is a start … at least I know how to take a screen shot. Doesn’t look like I can insert the file into this blog though.

I have noticed in Nicole’s blog that she has been able to get the widget into her blog. I can’t get it to show up in mine. Any hints anyone?

Love the picture of you and will start looking at igoogle as well, I managed to get the delicious widget working on my blog, under flickr, is that what you were thinking?
Go to the the delicious site under FAQ that should help.

Thank T – Jacquie took the photo of me. Her camera must be very kind.

I finally got delicious to work on my blog but I can’t get any photos in from Flikr. I don’t like Flikr – I prefer Facebook.

When you do a screen capture with a Mac, it turns it into a jpg so you would have to upload it as an image (whereas with a PC it goes onto the ‘clipboard’.
Hope that helps!

These are my three hints for screen shots with a Mac (but I think you know them by now):

1. To print the screen: Command + Shift +3
2. To print an area: Command + Shift + 4
3. To print one window: Command + Shift + 4 + spacebar

Of course to be successful with these, you need to have more than two hands.

Yes, I found out how to do the screen shot but it took me a while to realise that once the screen shot is taken, it goes straight to the desktop as a jpg. I had been looking for it in “downloads” and “documents”.

Thank you Jacquie. I am now screen-shot mad.. Very easy to do on my new “baby”

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