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Thing 20 – TeacherTube video

Posted on: 23, November 2008

I am using YouTube and TeacherTube a lot now. I know how to get a YouTube video into Facebook (it is easy) but getting a TeacherTube video into WordPress seems to be a bit harder (according to the instructions on TeacherTube

I found a video on TeacherTube that may be if use to my students. I am having trouble getting the video embedded into this blog, so here is the url I will keep trying to get the video on here.

Actually after having a good look around TeacherTube, I think YouTube has more suitable videos for me to use with my students. I am going to start using YouTube in class – there are some really good videos on it that are suitable for the subjects I teach.

I have used the video below to help my students understand why mindmapping is a useful tool for them to use.

I also came across a site that has good videos for schools (but probably more suited to primary and secondary teachers and students) the site is There is also an Australian version of it.

Here is another one – it from a VERY popular Indonesian tv show. Forward it to 4.20 and there she is – my daughter.

Due to completing 23 Things, I have come across a lot of interesting sites and tools for teaching and learning.

I have created a blog on (education version of WordPress) for use with my students and I have begun using VodPod which is another video sharing site. On my class blog, I have a thumbstrip of all the videos that I have selected for my blog. I have inserted it on this blog too.

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