Week one: 6/10/08 About 23 Things

1. Read about the 23 Things program

This week, all you need to do is read the list of 23 things you’ll be doing and some of the additional information about where 23 Things came from and why we are doing it.

Week two: 13/10/08 Start a blog

2. Create your own blog and write something

3. Send us the link to your blog (this will be the first step to registering you for the program)

Week three: 20/10/08 Blog comments and photo sharing

4. Comment on each others’ blogs

5. Create a flickr account

Week four: 27/10/08 Play week

6. Play with a funny image generator

7. Put the image on your blog

Week five: 3/11/08 Google home page

8. Create your own iGoogle home page

Week six: 10/11/08 Get social

9. Explore MySpace and Facebook and their relevance to education

10. Write a summary on your blog

11. Play with del.icio.us

Week seven: 17/11/08 Google tools

12. Play with Google Maps and Street view

13. Play with Google Docs

14. Play with Google images

Week eight: 24/11/08 RSS feeds and blogs

15. Set up a feed reader within igoogle

16. Add some subscriptions

17. Subscribe to some blogs

Week nine: 1/12/08 Wikis and video sharing

18. Join and put a profile photo on the Swinilearn wiki

19. Contribute to the Swinilearn Wiki discussion or edit a page

20. Find a Teacher Tube video you like and put it on your blog

Week ten: 8/12/08 Podcasts

21. Find and listen to a Podcast or two

22. Put the link onto your blog

23. Give feedback about the program